Form Follows Function

Discover  who we work for.

Form Follows Function

Discover  who we work for.

Form Follows Function

Discover  who we work for.

Form Follows Function

Discover  who we work for.

Form Follows Function

Discover  who we work for.

Form Follows Function

Discover  who we work for.

About us

We are an architectural firm based on Bonaire with a variety of services provided in the world of construction.


Discover our most renowned projects till date and see our wide range of divers architectural projects.


Bonaire has a lot of potential. Do you want to invest in that bright future? We would love to discuss the possibilities.


Dream, Innovate, invest and grow.

About us

Gino Obersi Architecture was formed in 2014 with the goal to provide Bonaire imaginative and functional architectural solutions. Although we are still a young firm, we have build up tons of experience through our networks, partners and guidence of our head architect, mr. Gino Obersi. We have worked on a large variety of projects ranging from hotels, office buildings, interior designs, commercial and residentials etc. Through these experiences the firm has developed a sophisticated and thorough approach to design, technical development and document production. “We are a young and dinamic architectural firm offering a very functional and modern designs to our clients. We design according to your needs, this by listening to your wishes and involving you in the design, we will manage to create the perfect project for YOU!”

Gino Obersi comes from a family background that has always been in construction and architecture. In 2011 he finished his architectural studies in both Curacao and Holland, than to return to Bonaire to join the growth of the island. Gino established GOa architecture in 2014. Since that time he has lead the firm through the development and completion of numerous projects. His more than eight years of experience on a variety of projects is an added value for the firm. Gino Obersi has the unique ability to work within the complex group of participants required to develop a project in today’s construction environment and lead these diverse groups toward the common goal of successfull completed project. His design sensibilties are rooted in Modernism and functional, but are always tempered by unique project parameters and client needs.


Architectural Design and 3D

We provide Functional and modern designs,
Building permit applications, Technical drawings, 3D images and Urban design

Professional Consulting

GOA provides advice, consultations. A side from that we also provide professional architectural inspections.

Construction and Supervision

GOA provides cost calculation, tendering, import of materials, construction supervision and we provide turn key investments.

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Learn how to shape the future with us.

Investing in us, is investing in the future.
This is how we work.

Experience and Knowledge

Many homeowners have no idea how to turn their ideas and dreams into a finished project, and they do not know the language of construction. With our experience we understand how to take ideas and turn them into beautiful, functional spaces, and they can teach you the language of the construction industry so that you understand the dynamics and the process involved in building your project.

Lifestyle Considerations

How do you live your life? Do you work from home, plan on having kids, need to take care of aging parents or entertain on a regular basis? We do more than draw plans. We listen to your ideas for your dream home, and we ask about your lifestyle and budget. A single person does not need the same type of house as a family of four. Older parents with kids heading into college have different needs than a newly married couple. An architect can incorporate your lifestyle and future needs into the plans when designing your dream project.

Each Design is Unique

What we love most about designing new projects is that it gives us a chance to create unique spaces that match the rhythm and pulse of each family unit or investors. Buildings are places to explore your possibilities, to live out your dreams, to discover the unknown together. The right space provides you with limitless experiences to connect with one another. We understand that buildings are spaces for connection, love, and real living. Hiring us will ensure your dream home becomes a reality.

Project Oversight

We also provide oversight for your construction project. Blueprints are the guide to building your project, but they can be interpreted differently by different builders. We act as the go-between to ensure your desires and the plans are being followed and that no shortcuts are being taken. We also answer questions, provide additional drawings, resolve issues and okay proposed changes to the plans.

We Save You Money and Raise Your Project Value

Another benefit of working with us is we can help you prioritize your wishes for your new project into the best possible options for your budget. We can also help you create an energy-efficient home that will continue to save you money for years to come. By maximizing your fuel savings and lowering your carbon footprint, residential architects help you use fewer resources to live the lifestyle you desire. For example, using better quality and long-lasting materials, solar power your home, efficient use of fixtures etc. Also, by having a well-designed project will increase the value of the building.

Blueprints and 3D

We create detailed blueprints from the schematics that include everything the contractor needs to know to build your project correctly. The blueprints also allow you to solicit accurate bids for your new project. We also have special software that allows us to create 3-D schematics on a computer screen so that you can get an accurate feel for your dream project.


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Gino Obersi Architecture (GOA)
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Kralendijk, Bonaire
Caribisch Nederland

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